Valencia Detailing started business 20 years ago. Jaime started working at car dealerships detailing used vehicles that pretty much sold quickly due to the appearance of the vehicles.  The dealers were so impressed that they hired him full time. Jaime learned to be very meticulous when cleaning the vehicle's interiors, getting every detail of the vehicles.

As he became more experienced, he started to gain knowledge of what cleaning products worked the best and the quickest. Jaime then learned how to buff the exteriors of vehicles. He learned through experience and got the hang of it very quickly.  He also started to develop knowledge for exterior detailing products such as waxes, compounds and polymers.  Jaime always took pride in his work, which in return, gave him a good reputation.  Jaime exceeded at what he did and started to be more efficient and fast.  He then moved on to working in car washes and car rental stores.  Wherever Jaime went, his reputation followed. Never leaving a unsatisfied customer.  Jaime's 20 years of experience has really paid off. He then started his own business August 1, 2003.

All images examples of my work on my customers cars.


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